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EAA Condemns Attack On Students in Kenya

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Education Above All strongly condemns the attack on several school buses in Elgeyo Marakwet County in Northern Kenya. The attack killed a driver and injured 15 others. The casualties include thirteen students and two teachers.

Criminal attacks on education continue to occur in this region of Kenya, terrorising the local population, including the community’s children and school staff.

Such acts perpetrated against children are unacceptable and take a toll on the learning process and mental wellbeing of children and school staff. EAA calls for a full and transparent investigation into the violence on education and hold those who are behind Friday’s attack accountable under the law. Through its PEIC programme, Education Above All is a leading advocate for the protection of education from patterns of violence that harm students and teachers.

Education Above All works to support the most marginalised children and youth across Kenya to increase access to education and advocate for the protection of education from all forms of attack.