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EAA Condemns Attack On Students In the State Of Palestine

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Education Above All condemns the attacks on Palestinian students traveling to their school in the village of Al-Lubban Al-Sharqiya in the occupied West Bank, this past Monday.

The attack was carried out by settlers who targeted and harassed the students and prevented them from reaching their schools.

This is the second reported attack this week on students by Israeli settlers in this part of the West Bank, and part of a wider trend of systemic attacks on education by settlers and the Israeli army. Schools should be safe spaces for learning, growth, and play, and the international community must unite to protect education and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. 

Education Above All calls on all parties in the State of Palestine and Israel to protect students, teachers and schools from attack.  Education Above All will continue to advocate for the protection of education in the State of Palestine and around the world.

Photo Credit: © EAA/Heidi Levine